• Nikonians – Photographic Dynamic Range. К вопросу о динамическом диапазоне никоновских камер (включая D3 и D300).

    One way to interpret the chart is to choose a camera with which you are familiar and an ISO at which you were satisfied with your results.
    Then holding that Dynamic Range value constant examine other camera models.
    For example, you should get about the same quality of image from a D200 at ISO 200 as the D300 at ISO 560 (1.5 stops) or the D3 at ISO 1600 (3 stops).

  • PhotoshopUser TV Episode 114 (December 31, 2007).

    Последняя в прошлом году серия PhotoshopUser TV. Которую, кстати, можно скачать для просмотра в оффлайне.

  • Capturing High Impact Urban Portraits. О городской фотографии. Авторская обработка фотографий мне кажется ужасной, но что касается всего остального — интересная статья.

    Imagine yourself, camera in hand, walking through a busy metropolis. The sights, the sounds and the smells of a bustling city overwhelm your senses. People all around you are scurrying to and from work. Others are sitting in outdoor cafes enjoying lunch. You can see worn out shoppers, their hands filled with packages, moving from store to store. The city is alive with activity.

  • The Burn and Dodge Photoshop Cha-Cha. Видео-урок по манипулированию изображением с помощью инструментов Burn and Dodge в фотошопе.

    This Photoshop Tutorial shows 3 ways to Burn and Dodge in Photoshop. Each method is discussed as to it’s best application in your work flow. There are three BONUS tips along the way too. You can also click directly on the “video” to see a larger view.

  • Westcott sharp tips protection. Простенько и изящно решаем проблему острых кончиков спиц у зонтов Westcott (заодно у кучи «китайцев» без рода, без племени).

    Nothing that I was not expecting, since I had previously talked to Westcott headquarters in the US and they told me that the only umbrellas they make now with the round tips are the White one’s with a removable black cover. They also told me that they had a few problems with the round tip production because they easily tear apart.