• Wanna Get Your Gear Stolen or Damaged While Traveling? Don’t Read This. Шесть советов как оставить свое фотооборудование в целости и сохранности во время путешествий.

    Seeing that as I’m writing this I am mid-travel on my way to Trinidad, I felt it appropriate to talk a little bit about gear safety while traveling. As seasoned CameraPorn readers may know from previous posts, I from time-to-time travel to Trinidad (read here, here and here). This and a recent, horrible gear theft experience of a friend of mine (more on that later), got me thinking a little bit more about gear safety. Now I’m not talking about professional swimsuit photographers off to Bali, or insane conflict photographers to a war zone. I’m talking about you, and me and most of the readers of this blog… serious hobbyists, traveling for fun and shooting pleasure. For me these trips usually mean a hot, sweaty, foreign country, though the tips I’m going to share can apply to almost anything from a day trip to the desert or an adventure to remote villages in India.

  • Using a quick checklist. Чеклист оборудования для фотографов, собирающихся на съемку.

    So you drove across town for a impromptu photo shoot and when you arrive you realize you forgot something as basic as your camera batteries or your tripod. For larger photo shoots, you should use something like our photographers checklists we have used before. Some people have asked for something simpler for those quicker spur-of-the-moment shoots. We have put together a page that you can print out, cut it into multiple pieces, laminate it, and have some quick-use checklists handy. If you laminate them you can use a dry-erase pen to check off the items you want and then wipe it off to use it again.

  • 7 Bad Habits of Digital Photographers. 7 вредных привычек говнофотографов (с говнозеркалками). Забавно и действительно похоже на правду.

    I have been taking pictures seriously for about 5 years and been around major photography forums for about the same time. Here are, compiled in one post, the 7 bad habits of digital photographers…

  • Top 40 GIMP plugins. Лучшие плагины для GIMP-а.

    GIMP is the undisputed king of image editing in Linux platforms, and is next only to Photoshop in popularity in Windows and Mac platforms. With a large community of developers and an even larger pool of users, it is no surprise that GIMP is very popular.

  • Learn how to photograph steam when photographing hot food. Учимся фотографировать струи пара при съемке еды.

    I was recently on a food photography forum where the topic of the day was “what’s the hardest thing for you to photograph”. Several of the forum participants mentioned that they had a very difficult time photographing steam. Coincidently, I was in the middle of photographing a three-day steamed vegetal food-packaging shoot. Since I had just had to deal with that very problem, I thought I’d document what went into a professional food photography job where capturing steam was a very important aspect of the shoot. The images and information (tips and tricks) below are from that shoot.

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  1. По поводу вредных привычек:

    2. ISO 800 не меняется практически никогда.
    4. Снимаю в JPEG, но как-то тоже не особо care.
    5. Вообще, ничего не удаляю.
    7. Поэтому лучше сразу купить нормальную технику, чтобы поводов для отмазок не возникало.

  2. А я вот распробовал лайтрум адобовский… Дед Мороз подари мне 10 восьмигиговых карточек для равов 🙁
    Жаль что так нельзя работать с обычным джипегом, ну или тифом на крайняк.

    1. Вот потому и нельзя. А вот тифф – это очень хитрый формат, на самом деле. Равы от никона, по-сути, тифом и являются.

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