• Teal and Orange – Hollywood, Please Stop the Madness. Куча фотографов гоняется за мифическим «киношным» цветом, в то время как современный киношный свет превратился вообще не знамо во что.

    Those of you who watch a lot of Hollywood movies may have noticed a certain trend that has consumed the industry in the last few years. It is one of the most insidious and heinous practices that has ever overwhelmed the industry. Am I talking about the lack of good scripts? Do I speak of the dependency of a few mega-blockbuster hits to save the studios each year, or of the endless sequels and television retreads? No, I am talking about something much more dangerous, much deadlier to the health of cinema.

  • Вынос мозга тилт-шифтом: «гиперфокальное» расстояние. Алексей Тутубалин прав на все 100% — полный вынос мозга. С гарантией.

    На картинке изображен процесс фотодрочерства, если кто вдруг не понял. Моя предыдущая попытка вынести фотографам мозг полностью удалась. Мозг вынесен до такой степени, что комментариев практически не поступило, хотя я точно знаю, что тилт-шифты (включая и рассмотренный 24-мм) используют многие из читателей и в теории эти таблицы должны быть им интересны, хотя они еще и не понимают как.

  • 7 Things Photographers Should Never Do. Есть еще восьмое правило: не зарекайся.

    Learning to be a good photography takes time, patience and lots of learning, most of it through trial and error. There seem to be countless books, classes, tutorials and blog postings how to do, create, setup, finalize, post-process, etc. to yield the best possible image and get that killer shot. Less talked about is what you should never do as a photographer though, and this article will hopefully help you cut down on some of the errors while you are still in trial phase.

  • The Shooting War. Отличная подборка фотографий лучших военных фотографов.

    An exclusive collection of work by the world’s most acclaimed conflict photographers.


  • Несколько советов от Эрика Гамильтона: Location Portrait Tips, Professional Portrait Tips – Light Control и Photography Tips – Working With Models. Советы, в основном, общего плана.

    Use a snoot – In these shots I used a snooted strobe to create highlights without casting light on the background. A snoot is any conical shaped tunnel to confine the light beam for a narrow point of focus. It doesn’t have to be fancy. I use the velcro pocket separators from my camera bag. I know photographers who use cardboard cereal boxes to make DIY snoots.

  • A ‘must see’ list of movies for photography lovers. Любите фотографию? Тогда непременно посмотрите эти фильмы. Пользуясь случаем хочу обратить ваше внимание на этот свеженький блог. Меньше двух месяцев ему.

    As photographers deal with ‘composing’ beautiful visual stuff, they must be in a permanent search of something new – of a new experience for their brain, through the eyes. A good photographer always seeks for good photos, good paintings, colors, shapes, everything to keep his inspiration going. Besides this, photographers have good taste in art, especially when it comes to visual arts.

  • Good Morning. 15 мая открылся фотоблог NYTimes.com — Lens Blog. Должно быть очень интересно.

    The New York Times introduces Lens, a photojournalism blog that intends to present some of the most interesting visual and multimedia reporting: in photographs, videos, audio slide shows and any other medium that fits — our format.

  • Top 12 Firefox Add-ons for Photographers. Расширения «огнелиса» для фотографов. Интересно, если всех их разом установить — взлетит ли?

    Firefox is great. I’ve been surfing the Net with my orange furry friend for many years now. What I like best about it is all the wonderful add-ons that you can integrate to make your Web experience unique. Over the course of many years I’ve tried tons of different add-ons . Some I’ve deleted and some I’ve kept.