• SB-800 Outdoor Lighting Tutorial. Хренасе, что народ с выносными вспышками творит.

    Hey! Not bad for a pop up flash. I like this a lot better than my first overexposed sky shot even though it feels a little bit too underex. If I didn’t have my SB-800s with me, that would have been my final shot (better composed and less underex of course ;)). But since I have my trusty SB-800s with me…. let’s play!

  • 10 things I hate about Flickr (and its users). Десять причин недолюбливать Фликр и его пользователей.

    Flickr has changed the way I share photos online, and has made building my blog and the community around it that much easier. But there are some things about Flickr, and the people that use it, that really get on my nerves. I want to get these off my chest, but don’t be to offended if I pick on your way of doing things, it’s not personal 🙂

  • Flash and tungsten lighting. Интересная заметка о применении накамерной вспышки в сочетании с лампами накаливания.

    I often see comments on the photography forums to the effect that with cameras like the Nikon D3 or Canon 1D mk3, where you have exceptional high-iso noise performance, that you don’t need flash. The crucial point that is missed though, is that flash is not merely there just to use when the light is so poor that you can’t stop any motion blur from your subject, or stop camera shake spoiling your photos.

  • Gun Camera Adds Graffiti to Other People’s Photos. Прикольный прибамбас.

    This is the Image Fulgurator, half guerrilla-art stunt and half homemade-gadget awesomeness. Berlin based artist Julius von Bismarck uses his oddly named camera-mod to project images onto street furniture where they appear in the photos of strangers, but remain invisible to their eyes.

  • Конкурс фотографии для блоггеров Memories. Правила меняют, как перчатки.

    Фотостудия Advert Photo объявляет о проведении конкурса фотографии для блоггеров Memories. Приглашаем стать участником конкурса запоминающихся фотографий, который пройдет с 1 по 31 июля 2008 года.

  • Auction of the first digital LEICA M8 closed with highest bid of 24,000 Euro. Самая первая леечка M8 ушла с аукциона за 24 тысячи евро. К какому-то русскому, надо заметить.

    The first series-produced LEICA M8 has been sold for 24,000 Euro at the 13th Westlicht Photographica Auction. The successful bidder was a Leica collector from Russia.

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  1. Статья про 10 причин недолюбливать Flickr классная!
    Меня в особенности достает поиск по Flickr – почти никакой релевантности. Плюс, как блогер, использую фотки по их лицензии Creative Commons, а потом автор убирает фотку и в статье “зияет дыра”…
    Но тем не менее – лучшего еще никто не придумал.

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