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  • Wired at the Preakness Stakes. Как фотографы Reuters работают с дронами (дистанционно управляемые камеры) при съемке лошадиних скачек. Впечатляет.

    With a cut-off time of 10am before the first race of the day, we set up five remote cameras under the inside rail of the track, and another on an observation post beyond the finish line with a high angle general view of the end of the race. Putting in place the gear – five EOS-1D Mark II cameras, an assortment of lenses from 16mm to 200mm, and their little mounting plates was a breeze, about 5 minutes in total, compared to the next step – getting them all to work!

  • PRESSlite. Смешная хреновина. О ней, кстати, можно прочитать по-русски в блоге «Простые фокусы».
  • Close enough…. Я бы обделался прямо на месте.

    From Reuters photographer Goran Tomasevic who is near Garmser in Helmand Province, Afghanistan with the U.S. 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit come these 4 frames from a sequence taken when the unit came under fire from Taliban fighters May 18, 2008.