• DSLR Viewfinder Size / Coverage Comparison. Сравнительная таблица размеров и полей зрения видоискателей современных цифрозеркалок разных производителей.

    One of the most important feature of a DSLR for me is the quality and size of its viewfinder. For those of you who has never used a SLR or a full frame DSLR before, these specs may seem insignificant but once you try one of those, I assure you will feel like a new world opens for you through the viewfinder.

  • History Of The Color Wheel. Интересная заметка об истории цветового круга.

    The first color wheel has been attributed to Sir Isaac Newton, who in 1706 arranged red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet into a natural progression on a rotating disk. As the disk spins, the colors blur together so rapidly that the human eye sees white. From there the organization of color has taken many forms, from tables and charts, to triangles and and wheels the history.

  • Portrait Photography. Сборная солянка видеоуроков по съемке портретов.
  • US Department of Labor Releases Statistics about Photographers. Выжимка с наиболее интересными моментами из последнего доклада Министерство труда США о фотографах.

    It’s nice to get some perspective once in a while. The US Depart of Labor released new statistics about Photographers. It’s a great read to give you an idea of the market we’re in.

  • Zack Arias. Очень интересный блог, который ведет музыкальный фотограф Зак Ариас.

    My name is Zack Arias and I am a full time editorial photographer.