• 21 Ways to Shoot Better Photographs. Прикольные советы. Правда, в большой степени бестолковые.

    Do you want to sharpen your creative picture taking instincts? Do you want to combine new ideas with your current projects and techniques? These techniques will be better executed with digital cameras and meant as some direction or guidelines to taking ‘better‘ pictures. You are your cameras best viewfinder!

  • Proper Equipment for Shooting Landscapes. Чем стоит прибарахлиться, если вы собираетесь снимать пейзажи.

    I received an excellent question from one of my readers who asked what type of camera I use for shooting landscapes and flowers and the like. I think it’s an excellent question because most folks associate great images with the camera used. The reality is that there are two factors that have more impact on your final image than which camera you shot it with. The camera really is only going to help you out with one factor in landscapes and that is with your resolution. Ok, that’s really a simplification of things, but in general, fast frames per second and low noise at high ISO really aren’t factors (all of you camera-holics out there may now begin bashing me in the comment section). If you are shooting in RAW, then it doesn’t really even matter how good the camera white balance settings are since you will adjust that in software after the shot.

  • 70 Photoshop Actions pack. Для «любителей» фотошопа.

    I’ve written a Photoshop Actions pack for you to use on your photographs.
    The pack contains 70 free actions in several categories and sub categories.

  • What Are Your Favorite Photography Related Films? А какие у вас любимые фильмы о фотографии и фотографах?

    I just saw War Photographer, the documentary based on James Nachtwey’s important photography, over the weekend. It’s a riveting documentary that takes you behind the lens of one of America’s greatest war photographers. While much of the movie details Nachtwey’s amazing reportage with war, much of it also deals with many other places in the world that he has photographed and reported on. Famine in Africa, poverty in Indonesia, and other important topics are examined from a photographer’s perspective.

  • Фотокузница. Отличное соопчество — надо вступать.

    Сообщество fotoforge посвящено вопросам обработки фотографий. Основная идея – обмен опытом через рассмотрение конкретных примеров. С одной стороны, возможность “заглянуть через плечо” нередко раскрывает новые творческие потенциалы. С другой, рассказывая о своих достижениях или экспериментах, мы привлекаем не менее полезные советы коллег. Наше сообщество – это интерактивный полигон для тренировок, в буквальном и переносном смысле “кузница кадров”.