• Gender Bending. Совершенно офигительный урок по отращиванию усов у барышень с помощью фотошопа.

    I did this for a contest here at Photochopz.com and it did rather well. I chose it for the tutorial because its both advanced and simple at the same time. One of those where you need to trust yourself to turn what looks very difficult into a cut and paste job. The secret to this is all in the sources (Download below). Note that they are both of good size and quality and the lighting is similar. Other than that though, they don’t seem to fit together very well. Thats what this is for. Download the pictures below and work along with me.

  • Posing and Lighting to Flatter Your Subject. Азы портретной фотосъемки: как скрыть второй подбородок или почему нос не должен выступать за пределы лица при съемке 3/4. Давно искал что-то подобное.

    The impact and success of a portrait can be the result of lighting, composition, body language, lens choice, camera angle, clothing, color, texture or even luck. With a few portrait techniques, your luck will improve dramatically. There are many stylistic methods which can make a photographer’s work a little unique and help your own style develop over time.

  • What Can You do With Six Speedlights and a Coffee Can. Всякие самодельные кольцевые вспышки немного поднадоели, но не дать ссылку на это чудовище я не могу.

    I should have seen this one coming. What can you do if you have a ton of SBs and a bit of duct tape? A multi-super-sb-ring-light.

  • Wedding Photography Tips You Can Use for 2008. Отличная подборка ссылок по свадебной фотографии.

    I’m even going to give you a head start on improving your photography for 2008. Here are four links with “tons” of info, for aspiring to professional wedding photographers.

  • The World’s Most Infamous Staged Photos. Самые постыдные фотопостановки в мире (это те кадры, которые все считали «настоящими», а они оказались постановочными).

    Photoshop might have made it easy to create faked photographs, but you don’t need fancy editing skills to manipulate the truth. Photographers have been faking images almost as long as they’ve been making them simply by setting up shots that look natural.

  • Fix blown skin highlights. Убираем пересветы с морды лица в фотошопе.

    Blown skin highlights is an unfortunate but common problem on portraits that are otherwise well exposed. I’ve read and tried many techniques with mixed results. So I developed this technique, using the best steps I’ve found in the work of others. Would appreciate feedback and improvements.