• Ring Flash. Еще один очень дешевый вариант самодельной кольцевой вспышки. Выглядит смешно.

    I have just completed my DIY ring flash. I think it turned out great, plus the cost was less than $20.00 This flash was made with Home Depot materials, and things laying around the studio.

  • Про школы. Куда пойти учиться фотографировать.

    В связи с тем, что эти вопросы задают постоянно, и отвечать каждый раз одно и то же мне уже надоело, вот развернутый ответ на вопрос “а куда пойти учиться фотографии?”.

  • A look at flash angles and basic flash scenarios. Пара простеньких примеров работы с выносной вспышкой.

    As a way of showing the power of taking the flash off camera, I took time today to do a series of images using battery strobes.

  • How to shoot a waterfall. Учимся фотографировать водопады.

    I continually come across photographs of waterfalls and they seem to lack something. I wonder if the owner just doesn’t understand what their camera is capable of or they just don’t care. But anyway I wanted to note what natural resources I rely on (such as weather) but also the technical aspects such as shutter speeds. I just find it amazing that people come across waterfalls with such potential and if they just took their time for a extra minute then I think the shot would be of much higher standard.

  • Huge List of Adobe Illustrator Plugins & Filters & Tools. Много-много плагинов, фильтров и инструментов для Adobe Illustrator.

    If you are an Adobe Illustrator user, then this mega-list of Adobe Illustrator Plug-ins is just what you are looking for.