• Building the HD Ring Flash. Стробист порадовал оригинальным решением проблемы отсутствия кольцевой вспышки.

    I just didn’t have the heart to force-feed you another donut. Even Krispy Kremes get old after three days in a row. Logo or not…

  • “If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough”. Классная цитата.

    I first heard this many years ago when as a young freelance photographer working for AP in southern Europe I suggested to a visiting senior editor that lax security and one of the longest civilian runways in the world made the city’s airport an obvious destination for hijacked aircraft and that the absence in the bureau of any lens longer than an old 200mm would mean that we’d be hard pressed to cover it. ”If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough,” he said but what he meant was, “I have other priorities”.

  • How Well Do You Really Know Your Camera? Вопросы, помогающие выяснить — насколько хорошо вы знаете свою камеру.

    These questions are really aimed at the digital SLR users, so if you’re a compact camera user some of the questions won’t directly apply. Even so, a good chunk of them can be answered with any digital camera. Film users will probably have even less questions that are applicable.

  • Gorilla Massacre Video. Жутковатое видео от National Geographic. Ну и фотографии там классные, конечно же.

    Photographers Michael Nichols and Brent Stirton explain the significance of the recent gorilla massacres in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • WedPix: Online Wedding Photography Magazine. Можете смело поднимать меня на смех — я только сейчас узнал о существовании этого сайта.

    WedPix, the Wedding Photojournalist Association’s (WPJA) Online Magazine, is a complimentary resource for brides and grooms, photographers, wedding planners and all wedding photojournalism enthusiasts. The articles featured in every issue, cover a vast array of topics, including general wedding photography advice for the couple, technical discussions, feature articles on WPJA award-winning members, business/marketing discussions, and many others.

  • When less is more. Отличная статья о минимализме в фотографии. Иллюстрации там тоже отменные.

    It can often be incredibly tempting to try and fit more information into a photograph. Understandably so – wherever you turn, you find a barrage of information. Minimalism truly is a lost art in photography, and you’d be surprised to find that it’s actually quite difficult to get right.

  • DIY homemade GaryFong Like Light Sphere. Тут народ как с писаной торбой носится с новой приблудой — ведром для вспышки Lightsphere (кстати, если кому надо привезти — я знаю к кому обратиться). Нечто подобное легко сделать самому.

    Gary Fong has become a de-facto standard for speed light diffusion. The accessories made by Gary include the famous Lightsphere and lots of other small flash improvements.I have tried to make some flash modifiers in the past, like a flash mounted softbox or an improvised beauty dish. Zond is following this approach with a Lightsphere solution.

  • Photoassignment. На Lighting Mods (если не читаете этот замечательный блог, то очень многое теряете) нашел ссылку на этот весьма интересный проект.

    This photo blog was born out of the frustration with photo procrastination between three friends. The best way to improve at anything is to practice, a lot. So we made a pact – to complete a photographic assignment every week, no matter what, on everything and anything. This isn’t a competition – there are no judges, no scores. The goal is to become better photographers, and share ideas while we’re doing it.