• White Balance, the Secret Weapon. Несколько хитростей работы с балансом белого.

    How many times do we need to be told that exposure is not just shutter speed and f-stop but, even more important, white balance? Reminders may be annoying, but I know absolutely that if I don’t take the extra time to evaluate each new lighting situation, I will pay later with mediocre quality and sometimes serious correction problems. The complexity and quantity of settings required to perfect digital capture are admittedly hard to keep track of in a controlled shoot—mind-boggling in the fast pace of location events. It’s understandable why automatic settings that are responsible for the current shallow ease of entry into commercial photography also falsely lure the professional seeking to mitigate her workload on site.

  • The Top Camera Phone Images that Made the News. Самые известные любительские снимки, попавшие на первые страницы таблоидов.

    It’s not easy to sell camera phone photos. The quality is usually low and the prices are often lower. Even Scoopt’s 10 biggest hits seem to have been largely shot on digital cameras rather than camera phones. But that doesn’t mean that if you do happen to be in the right place at the right time, you won’t get coverage.
    Here are eight amateur shots that hit the headlines.

  • The Top 5 Black & White Photography Tips. Пять советов для любителей черно-белой фотографии. Перевод статьи: 5 советов для ЧБ фотографов.

    Black & white photography, for me, is one of the most interesting and inspiring aspects of this art form we call our hobby and passion. It’s raw & refined, natural & unusual, bold & subtle, mysterious & open, emotional & impassive, simple & complex, black & white & everything in between. The monochromatic image has been with photography since the beginning, but what began as the only way to capture images has turned into something much deeper.

  • PhotoshopUser TV Episode 106. Очередной выпуск видеоподкаста для фотошоперов.

    How to create a beam of light to produce a dramatic effect, 4 photography tips to help you make more creative pictures, how to wrap text around an unusually-sized object, and a great way to email your photos using PDFs.

  • Фото XPерт. Еще один свеженький блог о фотографии. Хотелось бы посоветовать создателю не зацикливаться на переводах англоязычный статей, а больше писать своего — это ценнее.

    Я не eXPert по фотографии. Но очень к этому стремлюсь.

  • ActionCentral. Экшены к фотошопу. Очень много.

    Devoted to the exchange of Photoshop actions among users as a service to the image editing community.