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Hyperfocal Distance.

First, let’s cover what hyperfocal photography is. Simply put, hyperfocal photography is when you adjust the aperture and point of focus so that everything from a desired point (usually the foreground) to infinity is in focus. It takes work and an attention to detail, but mastering it and becoming efficient at it can certainly improve certain aspects of your photography.


На этом проекте запрещено использование ников! Доступ ко всем разделам форума предоставляется только участникам, работающим в области свадебной фотографии. Заполняя форму регистрации, указывайте свои настоящие фамилию и имя, указывайте сайт с примерами работ, чтобы участники проекта имели представление о том, с кем они ведут беседу – это обязательное условие!

Are You Taking Snapshots?

We’re sorry, but we did not find this file suitable as stock. With the rapid growth of the iStock collection, we give valuable consideration to each file but unfortunately cannot accept all submissions.
This is called the “Subpar” rejection. Perhaps you’re familiar with it? It means there’s a certain something lacking from your image that is holding it back from the collection. But what does that mean, “not suitable”? What isn’t suitable about it? What the heck is Subpar around these parts?

100 Awesome High Resolution Photoshop Brushes.

Lets dive today into a sea of brushes. Hundreds of thousands of sets are lying undiscovered like pirate treasures all over the web. Due to this phenomenally vast amount of Photoshop brushes available, directories are becoming very popular lately.
Designers are collecting them like mad. Not to mention that finding the most unique or bizarre set is a must.
And believe me, in this case, size does matter… So, here’s my contribution to all the Photoshop brushes starving hordes of designers and artists, including myself: 100 Awesome High Resolution Photoshop Brushes. And don’t forget to check the list of brushes sites and directories at the end of the article!

How Even a Teenager Can Earn from Photography.

Okay, maybe not just any old teenager. Canadian photographer, Joey Lawrence, might still be shy of his eighteenth birthday but he has the eye and attitude of a grizzled old pro, and the skills to match. He has awards from Microsoft, Bogen and the United Way but more importantly, he already has regular checks from clients and a calendar bursting with bookings.

Муар или детали?

Жизнь сложилась так, что у меня появилась возможность вживую сравнить Kodak SLR/c и Canon 1Ds MKII. Это очень близкие по разрешению камеры (13.5 и 16 мегапикселей, линейное разрешение отличается на 10%), но на Canon anti-alias фильтр есть, а на Kodak — нету.

О вторяках.

“Вторяк”, он же “second shooter” – это такой фотограф, который снимает вместе с “основным” в одной команде. Не следует путать “вторяка” с “дядей Генри” (”Uncle Henry”), то есть одним из гостей, который пришёл на праздник с говнозеркалкой. Гость щёлкнул на память – и пошёл дальше праздновать, а фотографы, пока праздник не закончился, должны работать.

It’s a blog, blog world – the photo blog of Magnum Photos.

There are blogs about family vacations, cooking, knitting, little dog puppies, cats, hidden sexual fantasies, about photography, art and so much more. Despite the fact that nobody could ever possibly read all the blogs out there due to the sheer tremendous number of thousands and thousands of blogs, most of the time it wouldn’t be worth it anyway. Frankly but at the same time nicely put: Most blogs are not very interesting at all. At least not if you are not the author or a close friend of the author.
But of course there are many, many exceptions to this as well. There are a whole bunch of blogs that are worth reading, that you can learn from, that can inspire you and broaden your horizon.
In an effort to bring some more inspiration to all of us I have collected 83 links to blogs about photography, art, multimedia and journalism, that I hope might be a source of good information for you. You might know a lot of them, or even all, but maybe you can find a couple of blogs that you did not yet know.

Five Fantastic Flickr Photographers.

As I’ve recently become more active with Flickr, I’ve encountered some amazing photographers. I realize that I’ve only seen a glimpse of the artists out there, and I’m truly excited to continue exploring this community. Out of my 100 contacts (which isn’t many at all), I find myself being drawn to the works of a select few. Here are five photographers who absolutely amaze me.

Two Dramatic Lighting Setups.

Very Soft Light from Behind the Photographer.
This is an easy setup to do whether you have a large softbox or not. You can substitute a large scrim for wide, full light. Simply shoot from in front of the light, and make sure the position is straight on. Notice that the shadow is very distinct, yet soft… sort of like a ringlight.

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