• Cross processing.

    A lot of people have asked how I did the effect on the photo of Harry and the flag. So here’s my version of “cross processing”. (Sorry, very corny)

  • Directional light from your on-camera flash.

    Most often when photographers start using their flashguns out of the directly-forward position, they move the flash head to point 45’ or 90’ upward. The idea here is to bounce flash off the ceiling. Even though this is an improvement in most cases over using the flashgun pointing directly forward, this is also most often not ideal. We can improve on this.

  • A New Level Of Professionalism.

    A professional model wrote me today and enclosed a letter she received from a photographer unhappy with her non-response to a demand to shoot with her. I am not going to link this guy as his work is so bad as to be laughable, and you will have to trust me on that. Truly dreadful stuff. And his profile is just creepy…
    However, he demands a response so I sent one. The model couldn’t care less, she is kind of busy being, you know, a model. I thought I would share the type of stuff that makes it hard for all of us to get any respect. My response to him below.

  • PSD Liquify Tutorial.
  • PhotoshopUser TV Episode 104.

    So What Have We Learned?
    How to create a flexible action for a LAB color boost, some benefits of creating a smart object from a layer group, a great-looking backlight technique for wedding photos, and information about Epson’s new Exhibition Fiber Paper.

  • Placing the Center of Interest.

    Sometimes it’s pretty obvious where the centre of interest has to go and there really aren’t a whole lot of choices. If the main subject basically fills the frame, then that’s pretty much the end of the discussion. It’s hard in a head and shoulders portrait to place it at the side without looking very odd. Should the portrait be more environmental, then your options open up considerably.

  • The Secret to Selling Your Vacation Photos.

    Usually, people go on vacation to get away from work. But when the work is taking pictures — something most photographers look forward to doing even on their own time — then earning on vacation can be both a pile of fun and a great way to contribute to the cost of your trip.
    Here’s how you can take sellable images while you’re soaking up the sun.

  • Minimalism in Photography: What you had to say.

    If you are a follower reader of this blog, you are probably aware that some weeks ago I called for submissions for a Group Writing Project dedicated to Minimalism in Photography.

  • Minimalism also in Photography.

    Minimalism is indeed the art of less. As a life philosophy, minimalists focus on a few essential elements of life disregarding or making less use of everything else.

  • Парадоксы Бэнкси: 7 сторон самого известного уличного художника.

    Бэнкси является, пожалуй, одним из самых популярных, и самых загадочных уличных художников мира, чьи работы всегда исключительны. Он стал всемирно известным художником граффити, ведущим подрывную деятельность, умудряясь при этом сохранить тайну своей личности. Он — шутник контркультуры, но его работы демонстрируются в крупных галереях по всему миру. Их покупают звезды Голливуда за более чем полмиллиона долларов, но многие его работы бесплатно (и нелегально) демонстрируются на городских постройках. Он работает против истэблишмента СМИ, однако попадает в выпуски местных, национальных и международных новостей. Нижеследующие семь примеров демонстрируют удивительную широту жизни и творчества Бэнкси посредством его самых убедительных и нашумевших проектов.

  • Get the Lensbaby Look in Photoshop.

    You’ve probably seen the Lensbaby look, even if you didn’t know its name — part of an image is sharp, but the rest of it is dramatically blurred. If you don’t have the money or time for the gadget itself, mimic its effect with this software how-to.