Тоже мне, сравнили

Это надо видеть, рассказать об этом я не могу: Sony Ericsson K800i Mobile Phone vs Canon 350D / 18-55mm EF-S vs Canon 5D / Tamron 28-75mm f2.8.

Remember this? In July 2001, the Canon EOS 1D was a hot camera. Every image captured in its beautifully sculpted body measured a giddy 2464 x 1648 pixels. There was a preview screen on the back that crammed 120,000 pixels into two inches so you could see what you’d shot (almost) straight away. And you could change ISO from shot-to-shot – imagine that! At the time, Luminous Landscape was probably quite right to exclaim: “There’s no doubt that the 1D is worth . . . $5,500”.
In July 2006, a Sony Ericsson K800i dropped through my letterbox. It shoots images of 2048 x 1365 pixels, and has a 2 inch live preview TFT screen – with 262,000 pixels. It has a 35mm f2.8 prime lens, autofocus, internal storage for 80 images, a Xenon flash and IS (Image Stabilising). And it was free.
The fact that it shoots video; presents films; receives FM; marshalls a library of 300 MP3s; plays games; accesses the web; retrieves email; runs Java; vibrates; is a calendar, stopwatch, organiser, alarm clock, calculator, database, jukebox – and phone – is a bonus in something that weighs less than a pancake lens.

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  1. Убейте меня нежно… Не надо быть кандидатом физико-математических наук, чтобы понять условность этого… мнэ-э-э, (полуэкт :), теста.

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