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  • Ziser Sets New Off Camera Flash Record. Простенько, но со вкусом используем вторую вспышку при съемке свадьбы.

    That’s right, David Ziser used one off-camera flash to create a record number of light directions on the scene!!! OK — already with all the hype — I just wanted to see what it looked like in print. I don’t know if I set any record or not, but I did managed to light this image with only one flash! So you say — OK, Mr. Ziser, How did you get a back light on the subjects along with that very nice loop lighting pattern on their faces, and get the ambient balanced perfectly as well?? If it’s only one flash, then you must have used some «Smoke and Mirrors» for the shot. Well, you would be half right if that’s what you thought — smoke — NO; mirrors — YES.

  • National Geographic Grant. Грант на $50 000 от National Geographic для профессиональных фотожурналистов. Сроки приема материала — до 1 февраля 2008 года.

    National Geographic awards one Grant for Photography annually to a professional photojournalist. The Grant monies go directly to funding the production of a photography project. The project may be considered for publication in National Geographic magazine and/or the National Geographic magazine website or for possible exhibit at National Geographic headquarters or other venues. Individuals who would like to be considered for the NG Grant must submit a Grant Application according to the guidelines described below.

  • Tips on shooting good landscape. Советы по съемке пейзажей.

    The question rose on dpreview a few days ago “How to shoot sunsets?” and resulted in a very interesting thread of 42 posts.In this article I will try, once more, to summarize this thread while also introducing to it some of my personal knowledge since I’m quite a landscape photography lover.

  • The genius of photography — 3-6. Третья часть сериала BBC. Торрент. Есть и ссылка на eDonkey.Предыдущие две серии.

    Right Time, Right Place: The series exploring the history of photography examines how photographers dealt with events like D-Day, the Holocaust and Hiroshima. Some strong language.
    Quicktime export to MP4 using iPod(Best) template
    H264-AAC 640×360

  • Ultra high-speed Compact Flash — do you need it?. А нужны ли ультрабыстрые флешки современным камерам? Нужны, но не всем.

    Of the three DSLRs we tested standared high speed and UDMA cards with, the fastest shooter — the Canon EOS-40D — worked better with the slower card. This demonstrates that high speed performance is not always enhanced by the use of UDMA cards — if your camera doesn’t state UDMA card support, it’s almost certainly better to stick with 133x high speed cards, both to save money and to maintain optimal performance. The only exception is if you use large cards and don’t want to wait for long periods when emptying them. Even so, you will need to invest in a UDMA card reader and, most likely, a Firewire expansion port. But if you shoot RAW and your camera does support UDMA, you probably will benefit from using UDMA cards.

  • Как перестать беспокоиться и начать фотографировать. Весьма интересные мысли о фотокомпозиции. Хочу отметить, что я во многом разделяю мнение автора.

    Фотокомпозиции нельзя научить в принципе. Это, как музыкальный слух, либо он есть (в принципе наличие «фотоинтуиции» можно элементарно проверить), и его можно и нужно развивать, либо там «медведь потоптался», и тут уж извините, остается либо барабан, либо рэп…

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